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Disc 1

1) You Better Rest (Intro)

2) Bad Dawg

3) Rose of Sharon

4) Little River Town

5) Unchain My Heart

6) Blonde at the Bar

7) Rasslin’ Song

8) Mama said (Feat. Rory Smith)

9) Storytime

10) Surita

11) Beehive Hairdo

12) Walkin’ to New Orleans

13) Allones A Lafayette

14) Last of the Old Geezaderos (Feat. Red Dvorak)

15) You Better Rest (Outro)

Disc 2

1) Calexiana

2) Blue Limbo

3) Blonde on the Bayou

4) Puzzle Song

5) Swamp Thing

6) Babies Havin’ Babies

7) Wilma

8) Derrick McQuade

9) Medicine Trail

10) Homicide or Suicide

11) Lover of the Bayou

12) Soul Kiss

13) Don’t Eat What You Can’t Spell

14) Crack of Noon

15) Jose Grand Mariner


Recorded 2010 at Swamp Studio Cedar Creek TX except “Dawghouse
Bass” recorded by Michael Thompson at Liquid Audio, Priest River
Released 2011 on Swampgrass Records 03
Produced by Billy Black, engineered by Fred Bouchet
Artwork by Josh Droegemueller
Disc 1
Slim Bawb: Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Dobro, Foot
Pedal Bass & Percussion
James “GatorBait” Curry: Vocals, drums & Percussion
Andrew Browne: Dawghouse Bass
Olen Dillingham: Fiddle
Rory Smith: Vocals & Percussion
Perry Lowe: Vocals, Cajon, Djembe & Percussion
Josh Droegemueller: Fiddle (Nawlins & Lafayette)
Tres Womack: Vocals, Reso-electric (Unchain) & Percussion
Glen Peterson Jr.: Electric Guitar
Alex Peterson: Bass (Storytime) & Fiddle (Blonde at the Bar)
Billy Brent Malkus: Acoustic Guitar (Beehive)
Red Dvorak: Lead Vocal (Geezaderos)
Curtis Farley: Bass (Unchain)
Rebecca Lucille Cannon: Vocals (River Town)
Jeff Brister: Cornet
Bo Ely: Harmonica
The Tammy Whynot Beehive Chorus: Red, Josh, Billy, GatorBait &
Lauren Pearce

All songs by Bob Pearce (P)© Shawna Day Music BMI except “Little
River Town” by Tim Lewelling & Jack Simmons, ‘Unchain My Heart” by
B.Sharp & T. Powell Music Sales Corp. “Walkin’ to New Orleans” by A.
Domino, D. Bartholomew & R. Guidry, EMI Unart. “Allones A Lafayette”
Trad. Arr. Bob Pearce. “Mama Said” by B. Pearce with R. Smith &
“Surita” B. Pearce & Timothy Hackett Shawna Day Music BMI
Disc 2
Slim Bawb: Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Foot Pedal Bass &
James “GatorBait” Curry; Drums & Vocals
All Songs by Bob Pearce (P)© Shawna Day Music BMI except “Derrick
McQuade” w/ Rick Wade & “Lover of the Bayou” by R.McGuinn & J.
Levy EMI Blackwood Music

Calexiana 2 CDs w/Free Shipping

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