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1) Revelation
2) Ain’t My Monkey
3) Sister Hoodoo
4) King of Something
5) Under a Fool’s Moon
6) A Little Luck
7) Old Blind Wille
8) Dollhouse
9) Hair of the Reindeer
10) Voodoo & Tattoo
11) Other Shoe
12) Devil’s Courier
13) That Dog

Recorded 2016 at 2 Trains Studio in New Braunfels TX
Released 2016 on Swampgrass Records 07
Produced & engineered by Slim Bawb
Artwork by Howard Yeargan
Slim Bawb: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin & pedal Steel
Lil Howard Yeargan: Accordion, Mandolin, Keys, Harp & Vocals
James “Gatorbait” Curry: Drums
Jeremiah Hamilton: Bass
Gabe Wilson: Drums (“Ain’t My Monkey”, “Little Luck” & “Hair of the
Reindeer”) Guitar (“ Reindeer”)
Myles Smith: Vocals
Howard Gloor: Guitar (”Ain’t My Monkey”)
Matt Briggs: Drums (“King of Something”),(“Fool’s Moon”) & (“Dollhouse”)
Matt Morgan: Drums (“Devil’s Courier”)
Riley Morgan: Tuba
Jeff Hogan: Percussion
All Songs by Bob Pearce Shawna Day Music BMI “Fool’s Moon”
w/Timothy Hackett, “Hair of the Reindeer w/Joe Lev, except Howard
Yeargan wrote “Sister Hoodoo” & “Old Blind Willie”

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